Each child gets to create their own stuffed animal and a Birth Certificate will be given.  Then the child's own recorded heartbeat will be added to  the stuffed animal.

Pizza, cake, juice and paper goods are all included.  

We do everything.  You are a guest at your own party. 


We will also travel to your party's location. 



3D Ultrasound & Pregnancy Photography Services

  • Precious Portrait: Capture the beauty of belly photographs during your pregnancy with our photographer.  Can be scheduled along with your Ultrasound or at a separate time
  • We have the latest fashionable products available for you.  In our facility we have a line of beautiful clothing, jewelry, baby accessories and sophisticated technical devices for the pleasure and safety of your baby after birth.

Referral Program:

After you have had your Ultrasound with us, we would appreciate it if you could please tell your friends and relatives about us. When you refer 2 women who have Ultrasounds here at Baby, Say Cheese! you will then get your next Ultrasound session free. We will schedule you for a 10 minute session which will include a CD of beautiful pictures of your baby and a 4D DVD with your baby’s movements.

  • B&W and Color prints on professional photographic paper.
  • You can see your baby up close with our high quality 3D Ultrasound images on CD's.
  • 4D Ultrasound videos of your baby's movements on DVD's
  • Listen to your baby's heartbeat and have it recorded in a Heartbeat Soft Stuffed Animal. Choose from a variety of adorable cuddly plush pets.
  • View with relatives and friends your Ultrasound from a 55" LED screen TV

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At our locations, and in your own home, we are proud to offer superior Ultrasound packages that consist of:​

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