Pregnancy confirmation can be determined most of the time as early as 6 weeks with our advanced Ultrasound equipment.

There is a difference between coming to Baby Say Cheese and having your Ultrasound at your doctor's office.  We are able to give you the additional time for you to see your baby in action as well as being able to leave with extra add-ons.  You can watch your baby move, play with their feet, hands, smile, yawn, rub their face in the placenta and much more.  Cute, adorable and fun things to watch. 

  • B&W and Color prints on professional photographic paper.
  • You can see your baby up close with our high quality 3D Ultrasound images on CD's and USB's.
  • 4D Ultrasound videos of your baby's movements on DVD's
  • Listen to your baby's heartbeat and have it recorded in a Heartbeat Soft Stuffed Animal. Choose from a variety of adorable cuddly plush pets.

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3D & 4D Ultrasound Services

                                                            We are here to provide real time movements of your baby.

Our focus is helping our moms be able to take extra time watching their baby in action.   The difference between having your Ultrasounds in your doctor's office and coming to our office, is that we are able to give you additional time to see your baby.   Many times they will suck their thumb, put their toes in their mouth, suck on the umbilical cord, yawn, laugh, stick out their tongue and even rub their face in the placenta.  This will be your time to see your baby in action.   And all of this can be caught on a DVD to be taken home.  We can even capture their heartbeat and send you home with a stuffed animal that you will choose from our large assortment.   Just squeeze their chest and you will be able to hear your little one's heartbeat each time.   This is a lifetime of memories and pleasure.  

Referral Program:

After you have had your Ultrasound with us, we would appreciate it if you could please tell your friends and relatives about us. When you refer 2 women who have Ultrasounds here at Baby, Say Cheese! you will then get your next Ultrasound session free. We will schedule you for a 10 minute session which will include a CD of beautiful pictures of your baby and a 4D DVD with your baby’s movements.

                                                  BIRTHDAY PARTIES FOR CHILDREN AGES  1 - 10



                            All the children will create their own stuffed animal.  Then each child's own recorded heartbeat will be added to the stuffed animal.  Everyone gets to name their newborn and a birth certificate will be given.




At our location, and in your own home, we are proud to offer superior Ultrasound packages that consist of:​