At Baby, Say Cheese! our goal is to provide you with a wonderful experience during this exciting time in your life. Connecting mother to baby is what we love to do and are excited to provide that experience to you.

We are located at the border of Greenwich CT and Port Chester, NY

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About Baby, Say Cheese!

A Miracle has happened and at Baby, Say Cheese!

You are able to follow the newest member of your family from the very beginning of their life.

Ultrasounds are available for you after you have reached 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The good news has come that a baby is on its way. Filled with excitement and curiosity, a family with a new addition is anxiously waiting to meet its unborn child. Is the baby going to be handsome like daddy or beautiful like mommy?

With our advanced 3D/4D Ultrasound machine, our certified sonographers are there to provide you with high quality images. If your baby cooperates, you can watch your precious little one stretch, move and maybe suck their thumb.